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Calgary Youth Physiotherapy Is Growing!

09/11/2022 Posted in General

Calgary Youth Physiotherapy Celebrates 33 Years of Serving Children and Their Families, and is Growing!

Kids Need Physio Too?

While it is becoming more common knowledge that kids sometimes need physio, as physiotherapists who work with children, we continue to be asked this question with the greatest of sincerity and curiosity by those around us.  We smile and answer ”Yes!” Children do benefit from physiotherapy, and after 33 years serving kids, like your child, Calgary Youth Physiotherapy is growing!

In 1990, when Calgary Youth Physiotherapy opened its doors for the first time, we were just beginning to recognize the increasing demands of children’s training, research through pediatric exercise physiology the effects of intense training on the growing body, and discover the science (and sometimes art) of treating children in the previously “adult” sport medicine world. It had been a commonly held thought that children just “healed up” on their own, in spite of continued activities. However, with time, experience and research we now know that this is not true, and that although the healing powers of youth are to be envied, it is not a replacement for thoughtful training, care of the athlete, and early recognition of over training. Thankfully, as well, we are starting to recognize the signs of physical injury, have studied trends in children’s injuries, and have developed pre-participation screens that are focused on injury prevention in specific sport settings.

With time, our community pediatric physiotherapy practice has evolved to include many other areas of service.  The public has now become aware of role that a children’s physiotherapist has to play in other areas such as treating infant conditions like torticollis (stiff neck) and plagiocephaly (head shape issues). We teach, guide and reassure parents who have concerns about their toddler’s or child’s gross motor development, gait patterns, and alignment issues. We develop rapport with children and teens to educate them on the importance of having good postural strength, and healthy levels of activity.  In addition, we provide treatment and guidance to families of children with disabilities, and often develop long term, and even intergenerational relationships with these families!

And most of all, it is our passion. Who would have known, after all of these years, that we would, like your child, continue to grow to serve you even better!  Calgary Youth Physiotherapy expresses sincere gratitude to you all, as well as to the community of Calgary, and surrounding areas, for allowing us the privilege of serving you and your family.  Please join us in our new home, in south Calgary which is conveniently located near the one you know and love!  We will be opening our doors soon, so watch our website to stay posted at

Alternately, you can visit our north location which opened 9 years ago in the Varsity area!

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