Post COVID-19 Return to Sport

As the city opens, and youth sports and recreation resume, it is important for parents, coaches, and children alike to […]


Happy Kiddos Massage – Paediatric Massage Therapists

We are strong supporters of working with other community health partners to provide the best of services to our clients. […]


Plagiocephaly and Torticollis

What is “Flat Head Syndrome” (positional plagiocephaly)? Positional plagiocephaly usually occurs when an infant sleeps with the head turned consistently […]


Toe Walking

TOE WALKING is identified when a child walks on the balls of their feet and their heels do not contact […]


Core Strength At Every Age!⠀

A strong core is essential for children, adolescents, adults and seniors alike. Core muscles (abdominal, pelvic, lower back) help to […]


Proprioception: The secret to preventing recurrent ankle sprains

Why do bad sprains happen to good people? Proprioception: The secret to preventing recurrent ankle sprains By Andrea Ginter, Physiotherapist, […]


Online Learning and Back Health

Healthy Online Learning: Advice from a Physiotherapist and Teacher by Andrea Ginter Physiotherapist, BScKin MScPT and Anna Whiteman Teacher, BEd […]


Common Dance Injuries

  By Andrea Ginter PT BScKin, MScPT Physiotherapist Dance is a physically demanding art form that requires high levels of […]


What is your child’s “game”?

At Calgary Youth Physio our motto is “keeping kids in the game.” Although this certainly applies to the young athletes […]


Hey, Google: What’s a sprain vs. strain? Why is my teen’s knee sore from sports? When should my baby start crawling?

Looking to google, for answers to questions like these, is certainly common. A quick internet search is often the first […]

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