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Infant Car Seat Safety

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What is the latest on car seat safety for infants and children?

What is Torticollis? What is Plagiocephaly? Physiotherapy can help!

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Torticollis is a common condition in babies that results in the child keeping their head turned or tipped to one side.  Children with torticollis often also have plagiocephaly or “flattening” on one side of their head as a result of consistently resting to the same side.


Early intervention is essential to start correcting your baby’s headshape as early as possible.

Your physiotherapist will provide you with:

  • Hands-on treatment
  • Gentle exercises and stretches
  • Advice on positioning and holding your baby
  • Easy to follow instructions and pictures
  • Further referral to a specialist if needed


Your therapist will best be able to determine how many visits you will need after assessing your baby.  Babies with torticollis often develop a dominant side very early on, ongoing monitoring of their gross motor development is important to ensure they are developing symmetrically and meeting their motor milestones.

Burn Prevention

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With cold winter months approaching, use of a gas fireplace makes our homes cozy and warm. Please see the link below for ideas on preventing children’s burns.

Protect your child from gas fireplace burns

Worried About Motor Development?

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staff_pic_nualaAre you worried about your child’s motor development? Is your child achieving his or her milestones? See below for an overview of what is typical for different age groups.

Ages and Stages Questionnaires

All Developmental Milestones

Baby Flat Head

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Does your baby always turn his head one way? Does your baby have a flat head? Stop torticollis and plagiocephaly (“baby flat head”).

See our new poster.


Red Flags and Milestones in Gross Motor Development

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Not walking? Concerned about your child’s gross motor development? Check out this informative summary of gross motor milestones and timelines.

Download the Document

Safe Infant Sleep

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logo-ahsCalgary Youth Physiotherapy would like to share this document from Alberta Health Services with our clients.  We feel that safe sleep habits are essential to keeping our little ones safe and healthy in the early days!

Download the Document


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