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Telehealth / Tele-Rehabilitation

What is Telehealth/Tele-rehabilitation?

Tele-rehabilitation is the use of information or communication technologies to allow you and your physiotherapist to connect via video or other remote monitoring technology to receive physiotherapy services at a distance when an in-person visit is not possible.

When is tele-rehabilitation appropriate?

Tele-rehabilitation, although different than in-person care, may provide an excellent option for assessment and treatment when an in-person visit is not possible. It is up to you and your physical therapist to determine if tele-rehabilitation is a good option for you or your child.

How can Telehealth help me or my child?

Your telehealth session allows 1:1 consultation with your physiotherapist for assessment and treatment as would happen with an in person session. Although hands on treatment is not possible via telehealth your therapist will still be able to assist you with pain management, exercise progression, self-management techniques, positioning and stretching advice and a home exercise program. It also allows for assessment of gross motor development and strategies to continue to progress your child’s motor development.

What safety measures are used to reduce risks of receiving care via tele-rehabilitation?

Sessions take place on a secure platform. Videos are not recorded or stored, however the session will be documented in a patient chart in accordance with Physiotherapy Alberta College and Association Standards. The physiotherapist may give you specific advice to ensure the location where you receive care is safe and that procedures are in place to ensure the availability of help in the event of an emergency. Although we take as many measures as possible to protect your security there is always a risk of breakdown in cyber security.

Is Telehealth for me?

If you have questions regarding the Telehealth services we provide please contact us at (403)259-8534 or at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you decide if Telehealth is a good option for your care.

Is Telehealth covered by my extended health benefits?

During this time coverage is rapidly changing with current world events. We advise you check with your plan provider for individual benefit coverage.

Does my physical therapist need to be registered to deliver tele-rehabilitation treatment?

All CYP physiotherapists are required to be registered with Physiotherapy Alberta College and Association.


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