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Core Strength At Every Age!

10/11/2020 Posted in Exercise
I've been working on my coreA strong core is essential for children, adolescents, adults and seniors alike. Core muscles (abdominal, pelvic, lower back) help to stabilize the body, which in turn improves balance. Poor core strength can affect gross motor and fine motor skills. This is why it’s important to develop, build and maintain core strength throughout life. ⠀
From tummy time to outdoor play, infants and children need daily opportunities to build core muscles. Building a strong core is like building a strong foundation.⠀
For young athletes, a strong core is beneficial for almost every athletic and sports-specific movement, which improves performance and helps prevent pain and injury.
Seniors will see a big difference in coordination, stamina, stability and posture if core strength is maintained. It can also help reduce the risk of falls and fall-related injury.
Overall, core strength is important for mobility, better body strength, reduced pain levels and improved balance throughout life.

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